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Etthad Kish Residential Complex


Etthad Novin Kish as the host and investor of the project, in accordance with the investment objectives and the development of its economic infrastructure, relying on the experience and knowledge of the target market, introduced Ettehad Kish Residential Town with the aim of making modern affordable homes to inaugurate a new era in Kish Island construction industry.

Project Land Area: 20300 square meters
Earth’s position: Northeast Field FAROOR
Total area: 42200 square meters
Apartment useful area: 22,489 square meters
Service useful area: 2160 square meters
Area units: minimum 50 m one-bedroom Up to 76 m bedroom
Number of units: 272 single-family units, 100 two-bedroom units
Number of floors: 3 to 9 floors, including parking
Outdoor area: 12,000 square meters

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