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Birjand Oil Storage Tanks


Client: NIOPDC


In Co-Op with APG C.E.

Birjand, Khorasan, Iran

The objective of the project was the construction of 11 oil storage tanks with a total capacity of 100 million liters in Birjand, Khorasan, Iran. Construction of the plant began in 2007. The EPC contract was assigned to Arya Petro Gas company and the civil, structure and building engineering design and technical services have been allocated to DATAM MEC.

The scope of services are as follows:

  • Endorsement of basic design documents
  • Endorsement of vendor documents
  • The architectural basic & detailed design of industrial and non-industrial buildings
  • The structural design of the non-industrial buildings, substation building, control building, fire water pump house, shelters and etc.
  • The structural design of Pipe racks, Pipe Sleepers, and Supporting structures.
  • Design of equipment foundations including fixed and rotary equipment such as pumps, storage tanks, etc.
  • Civil works such as site preparation, roads, surface drainage system, finish grading, pipe and cable trenches, dike walls, underground systems, etc.