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Abadan Oil Refinery 3rd Power Plant


Client: Abadan Oil Refining Co.

Consultant: Farab

Abadan Refinery Third power plant is one of the refinery power sources. This gas type plant has a production capacity of 210 MW which consist of seven 30 MW gas units and 5 heat recovery boiler (HRSG), with a capacity of 50 tons per hour each.

Abadan refinery third power plant was built to generate electricity, replacing the old generation in order to ensure the sustainability of the refinery oil products, 3rd phase power supply (gasoline unit coat of new crackers), Produce high-pressure steam required for 3rd Phase (gasoline unit coat of new crackers), Refinery closed-circuit water system (cooling tower steam turbines) and future projects of Abadan Oil Refining Co. in a area of 3 hectares.

Datam main roles:

  • Pipe racks & Pipe Supports structural design
  • Equipment, Pumps & Tank foundation design